About Us

Jasmine: Master of the Macrocosm

Jasmine :: Master of the Macrocosm I operate the design firm Macrocosm Studio. We are in our 5th year of operation and continuing to find ways to push the envelope and light hair on fire – in a good way! 

From advertising and design to trade-shows, movie premier parties, traveling exhibition, prop master and set decoration.

If you need a creative vision that is EPIC, please lay down the gauntlet.

Our Clients range from huge Hollywood studios such as The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox and Comedy Central to smaller unknown design, promotion and agencies that just need a boost.

Recently we have been working closely with Walt Disney Imagineering, 20th Century Fox, True Edge Entertainment, Comedy Central and the entertainment arm of GES.

The bigger the better, the smaller – the more clever! With an expansive knowledge of who’s there and what’s where we can add staff, skills and specialties in a flash, making any project scalable as the ideas and demands expand.

Think Fast – Act Smart


Event Design, Tradeshow Design, Tradeshow Production, Promotional Events, Movie Premiers, Graphic Design, Promotional items, Strategic Brand marketing and promotional strategies, Retail P.O.P., Powerpoint Presentations, Set Decoration, Prop Master, Booth Staffing, Blue Sky, Interactive Reality Game Design.