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ASTRO BOY :: Premiere Party

Take a high-tech boy with a blue core heart and add the hot nightclub at Hollywood and Highlands and what do you get? An exclusive cool club for the Astro Boy movie premier. THE BLUE CORE was complete with outdoor neon sign and roaming movie branding, custom t-shirts for serving staff, unique LED blue core centerpieces, specialty blue core drinks; and hanging over the dance floor? Why it was Astro Boy himself, complete with hoses, wires and suspended blue plasma balls. On stage we had rotating retro art of the Japanese TV series framed by our Tradeshow art with everything set in a pool of scientific looking nitrogen fog. Dance on.

Macrocosm Studio was responsible for the concept and design of the Blue Core Club as well as the production, installation and strike.

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Created for Walt Disney Special Events, Macrocosm Studio was invited to pick through the best of the props and set pieces from the POTC3 movie in order to decorate the El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood. After creating sketches followed by a full-scale mock-up in the Disney Warehouses we installed almost two full 53’ trucks worth of anchors, ropes, costumes and props into the lobby with a full scale museum of small props and iconic set pieces.

Macrocosm Studio was responsible for the design and layout of the upstairs lounge and lobby. The procurement of all the props, sets and costumes as well as the layout and display of props in the 30ft long display case and ½ room environmental mock up of the sets in the downstairs museum. Supervision of provided crew for mock-up, take-down, transport, install and final strike and return of props to Disney Archives.

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BEHIND THE SCENES :: Pirates of the Carribbean: At World’s End Premiere

We did a full scale mock-up in a warehouse prior to the installation at the actual theater.